Saturday, March 29, 2014

This weekend's work

This being an unusually productive weekend for wargame painting, I thought I'd post pictures of  several units being worked on for a special game in June.

See below two battalions of Gingerbread Sepoys, Gingerbread General von Crisp, and a battalion of the Kandie Guards led by Colonel Toffee on his white stallion Marshmallow.

The gingerbread men are from Victory Force Miniatures and the Guards are grenadiers from the SYW Follies range I picked up from Eureka Miniatures USA at the Cold Wars convention earlier this month.

Here is a better picture of the Kandie Guards and the command stand of General von Crisp in front. I still have some additional work to do on the bases.

Colonel Toffee is a veteran of several wars, serving previously in the army of Fleisch-Spätzlestadt. His sweet tooth brought him to Candyland, and he thought he had retired in place as commander of the garrison at Candy Castle . However, a recent incursion into Candyland has resulted in his assignment to the field once again. 
 These units will be a small brigade for use in a more whimsical game of Black Powder. I've determined stats for these units as shown in the chart below.

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  1. What splendidly whimsical units.I see you have got your teeth into your project...
    I can't wait to see who will be the opposition and see these troops in action...