Friday, September 25, 2009

Regiment Fleisch

Wow...It took me from February to get something substantial done. What follows are pictures of my first 60 figure battalion for Fleisch-Spätzlestadt.

The battalion was made up to be close to the Prussian IR19. I have yet to make a nice flag for Fleisch-Spätzlestadt, but I have extra standard bearers for that to replace the ones with the IR19 flags.

The large battalion saw its first fight this past Historicon split up for a game of OGABAS as regiment Kohler, led by Colonel von Sink, and regiment Fleisch led by colonel Brauthammer.

Reports will read that regiments Kohler and Fleisch accounted themselves well in anchoring the right flank of the army of Princess Trixie at the Battle of Lagersteinplatzendorff. In truth they failed to activate a few times, but generally looked threatening holding the wooded area on the flank as part of the right wing that repulsed several impressive cavalry attacks and enemy probes.