Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A year's work.

The army of Fleisch-Spätzlestadt has been growing slowly but steadily. Regiments Fleisch and Kohler from last season had spent the past year in quarters, joined by converged grenadier battalion Knochenhauer.

Recent additions for the Spring muster are the Jäger Corps zu Minze, Fusilier regiment Halb-Durch, and Musketeer regiment Der Salz.

Here they are marching across the barren lands of Tisch:

Regiment Halb-Durch was painted up in the spirit of IR40 and Der Salz as IR3. Some basing work and flags for IR3 are still being worked.

And where to from here?

Prinz Kelson has challenged the great stables of Fleisch to furnish his army with the finest steeds. Look forward to some Cuirassier unit pictures in the coming weeks (self-edit:months).