Friday, October 9, 2009

A second big battalion complete

Thanks to those who commented on my first battalion.

This past week another big battalion was mustered. Painted in the spirit of Prussian IR25 it will perform double duty as one of the first line regiments of Prinz Kelson von Tisch, and will be known as Regiment Kohler, currently commanded by colonel von Sink. Von Sink's career almost went down the drain due to gambling debt, but he's washed that from his past and is now in favor with the Prinz. When Fleisch-Spätzlestadt goes to war, von Sink and Regiment Kohler will be prepared.

And here is Regiment Kohler behind Regiment Fleisch.

And here Colonel von Sink and Colonel Brauthammer leaving the headquarters to rejoin their men after discussing exciting developments

They've learned that Prinz Kelson will soon be issuing all his regiments with new flags to better display the glory of Fleisch-Spätzlestadt. It is anticipated that when the Knochenhauer Grenadiers arrive in the army camp in the coming weeks that they will also be in possession of new standards for the army.


  1. As your army is progressing so well, Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein has invested Prinz Kelson von Tisch of the Principality of Fleisch-Spätzlestadt into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard...

  2. I really like the touch of having the officers' horse furniture mimic the colors of the regimental standards . . . will the new colours require new horse furniture as well?

    -- Jeff

  3. Capt Bill- Prinz Kelson raises his tankard in gratitude to the accolade.

    Jeff- Glad you noticed that detail. Time providing I will be making more colonels, so that is the general plan. As my Imagi-nation flags are developed I may find need to shift around some colonels as well.

  4. Very nicely done and so quickly, jealous.:)

  5. Ha ha! :) Very punny!
    Excellent work on the troops, too.

  6. Excellent work, you do the figures great justice with your brush sir.

  7. Lovely stuff; a fine looking battalion.

    -- Allan